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September 2021

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I saw Shital following a car accident in which I suffered whip lash; suffice to say that after two treatments I am wholly restored. She was amazing, I had feared a long term intervention but she treated me so well and with such professionalism that I completely recovered. I would have no hesitation is seeing her again should I need to, nor in recommending her to other people - EK, London 2013


Fully accredited by the UK organisation which regulates licensing under the 1993 Osteopaths Act.

In practice since 1999.
Newly located in specially-converted Hendon premises.

What is Osteopathy

Opsteopathy Treatment © Kampfner Photography

Osteopathy is all about looking into the root cause of pain using the hands – and a variety of stretching, manipulating, thrusting and releasing techniques to treat and ease the respective condition. Here’s a list of conditions that it can help with:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • joint pain
  • rheumatic pain
  • period pain
  • pain from injury
  • sport injury
  • arthritis
  • limb pain
  • pain during pregnancy 

Osteopathy has become a recognised and established practice…an effective diagnosis and treatment discipline for all kinds of pain. And it’s also remarkably unique. Particularly when coupled with cranial osteopathy, a subtle and advanced type of treatment for sufferers of all ages.

We not only look at damage caused by disease but we consider the actual function of the body structure to see where your pain lies. And whilst osteopathy uses many of the conventional diagnostic procedures, it takes into account a whole range of other criteria, such as posture, to assess your condition…and you can rest assured you’ll be treated individually, with your own needs in mind.

So what is Cranial Osteopathy?

Opsteopathy Treatment © Kampfner Photography

Cranial osteopathy is a kind of extension of osteopathy – and it’s taught at post-graduate level. It’s something we specialise in here at the Osteopathy Clinic. In short, it’s a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment. And it uses very gentle manipulative pressure to ease away the stresses throughout the body, concentrating on the head.

Here at the Osteopathy Clinic we’ve used these cranial techniques to treat patients of all ages with a wide range of conditions.

Experts in cranial osteopathy, like Shital, can detect a very subtle, rhythmical shape change in the body tissues. This is called involuntary motion. The brain too has involuntary motion and the 26 bones that form the skull need to adjust to this movement. But a knock to the head can affect this movement and cause a variety of problems throughout the body.

The expert cranial osteopath can feel this involuntary motion in the tissues - and can tell whether someone is in optimum health or whether there is something preventing healthy movement of the tissues.

By using very subtle and gentle techniques, we can gradually release the accumulated stresses and strains in the body. The idea is to relieve your current symptoms and improve the underlying health of the tissues as much as possible so that you don’t suffer again.

We highly recommend our cranial osteopathic treatment to suffers of all ages – from newborn babies to the very elderly.