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September 2021

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  When I first met Shital I was a mess. I had 4 ruptured discs in my spine, I suffered from crippling migraines and had ME. I was in terrible pain, could hardly get about and was very depressed as a consequence. She was the first health professional I had come across that was not frightened to treat me. She treated the ME with a new and innovative treatment she had studied and with time it started to improve. She treated my back and my migraines. I can honestly say that without Shital I would be immobile, she keeps me going and able to function. Thank you Shital I couldn’t do without you. - Sarah, 2013


Fully accredited by the UK organisation which regulates licensing under the 1993 Osteopaths Act.

In practice since 1999.
Newly located in specially-converted Hendon premises.

Osteopathy Can Help

At the Osteopathy Clinic we like to think we're on hand to help with a range of complaints and conditions that might cause you either discomfort or pain and help ease them for you.

Whether you're bearing a child, a back problem, arthritis or a sports injury, we're here for you.

Women in Pregnancy

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As any mother will tell you, pregnancy is a unique experience! Nothing else puts the body under such enormous physical, chemical and emotional change over such a short period of time. After all, they body has to adapt to carrying up to 20lbs of baby, waters and placenta.

We can help with:

  • easing some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy
  • preparing for the demands of labour
  • helping the mother to recover after birth

Babies and Children

Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives. And many babies are born with odd shaped heads because of the mechanical strains placed on it. In the first few days baby's head gradually loses the extreme moulded shape. But sometimes this unmoulding process is incomplete especially if the birth has been difficult and the baby may have to live with some very uncomfortable head and body stresses. This can cause crying, irritability, feeding difficulties, sickness and other symptoms.

As a child grows it can be prone to:

  • infections and ear infections
  • sinus and dental problems
  • behavioural problems and learning difficulties
  • headaches
  • asthma

The Elderly

Opsteopathy Treatment © Kampfner Photography

We don'’t consider aging an illness or an issue - and thanks to osteopathy you can look beyond pain killers for relief from stiffness and less acute stages of arthritis. At the Osteopathy Clinic we look at how to get rid of the underlying causes of pain because we believe everyone deserves to lead a full and active life at any age.

Back Sufferers

It’s a sad fact but 60% of the UK population will suffer from back pain at some stage during their lifetime. And problems that start in the back can bring on pain in the buttocks, groin, legs, arms, shoulders, neck and head. Most pains are down to mechanical disturbances of the spine postural strains, joint derangements and spinal disc injuries. Osteopathic treatment is often the most effective first line approach to these debilitating problems.


Imagine: 350 million working days a year are lost to sickness in Britain! What's more, many are lost to occupational injuries. These can be caused by manual handling and lifting, forceful or repetitive movements and, particularly, unsuitable posture. We can advise on correct posture and back care as well as help with preventative exercises.